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Resolution and simultaneity

are the aspiration and the goal of almost all our projects. Here, through the deposition of object-related statements, the concern is what space and the structures that generate it can achieve in the field of tension between apparent contradictions and opposites. It is not particularly important -whether such polarities are formulated in a brief or already exist or whether they are deliberately positioned antipodes. The important thing is the potential of the in-between, which we work on as a field of tension and which we view as the motor of a complex transformation process. (Pichler & Traupmann)

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Whenever things become particularly challenging

when clients make the highest demands …

when what is called for in the brief seem almost impossible to achieve …

when sites require the most sensitive kind of insertion …

we develop complex, surprising, bespoke and diverse answers:

No two projects are the same – and yet we approach each one with the same kind of curiosity, élan and passion. Life is complex – why should architecture be any different?

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Our goal

Is to find partners who want more than just a pragmatic solution, with whom we can develop exciting, complex architectural projects. Through our images and models we offer an approach that is clearly emotional but we also wish to appeal to people who are willing to engage us in a complex debate , who, perhaps thanks to our systemic thinking, find themselves able to take a step ahead. Those who get more than they had expected, more than just the spaces listed in a schedule of accommodation.

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